Project Idea

Working together to support each other and help each other to do together what we cannot do separately is the purpose of the Love Movement and the Love Movement Fund.
The Love Movement Fund is, in part, for funding projects that have a high chance to succeed with the purpose of benefiting Love Movement participants and the fund itself so it can also help people and spread the Ten Commandments
Share your project idea with us and see if your project will get funded!
Guidelines: Projects need to be something that have a very high probability of success as well as being able to be done in harmony with the Ten Commandments, and to fit within the fund’s budget. Think through what the needs are in your local area. Think of your special skills. Think of capital investments that will retain their value, and products we can be sure to sell and that will also hold their value. For example, maybe there is a need for concrete blocks in your area.
If we bought the forms for the blocks, they in themselves would be valuable, any blocks produced would be valuable, and can be sold at any time since they don’t have a limited lifespan. Another example is of buying a specialized machine that could do something needed in your local area in a business area you may have experience with and know what can be done with it.
If you have an idea that fits, this form is meant to be just the first step. A brief description of your project idea and why you think it will work is all that is needed here. A committee will work with you to determine if your project should receive funding, so the details of your project will be added and developed at that time. Be sure to add some form of sure way to contact you for follow up.