Help Asylum Seekers



Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers

“Why don’t you help people in your own country?”  I often hear people say.  “Because I don’t know of any Christians in my country that were raped and then had their homes destroyed by angry mobs and had to flee to a strange country where the state does not recognize their right to seek asylum, doesn’t permit them to work, and arrests them if it finds them” is my standard response.

Plus, where I come from, turning a blind eye to the problems around us is not an option.  We take care of those in need.  It doesn’t matter if we can’t change everything, we can definitely change something.   Helping even one family survive under tough circumstances is definitely better than nothing.  When we help asylum seekers with basic needs like rent, food, medicine, and education, we are creating a future.  When that family survives the long (on average 5 to 8 year) United Nations process and finally is resettled, then they carry with them something very special.  They carry a perspective on life that the world absolutely needs.

It turns out that our Pakistani Christian asylum seeking friends are a good investment.  Many have committed themselves to partnering with the Love Movement in lifelong service to help others because they were helped.  I know some of us get discouraged about giving because the problems seem endless and unsolvable.  But the truth is the opposite.  Problems do get solved and good futures are created.  We are just conditioned to focus on the bad news.  But there is good news.  Just recently many of the families the Love Movement is working with got refugee status with the United Nations and they are all committed to pulling others out of their problems when they get resettled.  If someone isn’t there to support them and make opportunities for them then these type of commitments will never get made and the future will be just that much more bleaker.  So, together we really are making a huge difference!