Fund Love Movement Participant Signup

All of us in the Love Movement are pooling our resources in a plan to help each other at the same time we help spread the message about the Ten Commandments.
The Love Movement Fund allows us to give regularly to pool our resources for some very special purposes:

  • Starting small, we can buy things together that we couldn’t do separately and share them and our labor so we can gain funds and improve our lives. It could be something as simple as a form to make concrete blocks and then sell them at a profit. It all depends on what will be the surest idea to work in a given area or country.
  • Profits will be divided among those that directly help the project being done, and the Love Movement Fund.
  • The Fund will divide money for use in funding projects for profit, helping those in need, and spreading the Ten Commandments, with the beginning priority to develop ways of gaining sustainable income so we can securely fund the projects to help those in need and to spread the Ten Commandments
  • We hope to develop each others’ skills and experience through hands-on projects designed to both increase our resources at the same time we learn skills that we can take with us wherever we go.
  • We hope to create a new ethic in people of spending their time in useful pursuits that have infinite potential for learning and growth instead of people wasting their time with things such as watching dramas and sports on television, games on internet, listening to popular music, or whatever other forms people are losing their valuable time to.
  • Anyone who has a proposal for a project can submit it. A committee will work directly with you to determine if the project should be accepted or not. The two most important criteria are that the project must be extremely likely to succeed and that it must be able to be done in harmony with the Ten Commandments. If you have special skills you can use and teach others may God bless you to find an outlet for them in a Love Movement project. Project participants doing the actual physical work will receive the greatest share of the profits, or they can choose to reinvest them in the Fund to provide further growth. Each project will outline details.
  • All projects must be designed to be in harmony with the Ten Commandments with safeguards to keep them from becoming corrupted. If we do that, it is 100% certain that God will bless us and you will be amazed at what He will do!

This Fund is for those serious about changing the world. Together we need to commit to support each other. A regular percentage of our income, even if it’s only 1%, is what we need to commit to so we can develop the resources necessary to make a real change.
To sign up just fill in the form below. You don’t need to fill out the whole form right away; if you are in a hurry just include first and last name and some form of contact: email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. If you include an email you will get a link to come back to finish adding to the form. Most of you are already our close friends and we are already in contact for follow-up, but be sure to include some form of contact!
May God bless you infinitely!
The percentage of income you put is more for your personal use than ours. You can even leave it blank. Just sign up and let’s start figuring out how to serve each other!