Save The Land

We have a very special opportunity. Land is being almost donated to Love Movement. 50 hectares for just $3100US!
For the Love Movement to survive we need to have a base, and having land is the best base because it is always there as a resource for us to survive. Much more so when it helps save the land from improper development. The Love Movement has an opportunity to get approximately 50 hectares of land for just $3100 US because the owners love us and want to help us. This opportunity is possible only because of the previous work Love Movement has done to help people in this area. We have Love Movement people standing by ready to plant it once we get it. This is our opportunity to start what we’ve always dreamed of. From the opportunities this land will create for us we can create many other opportunities in many places by just earning a small percentage of what this land can produce. The land has coconut trees we can harvest coconuts from. We can plant banana trees, and crops like peanuts. We can help Love Movement grow and help sustain the local community. Once we reach a down payment of $1425 we can start planting. Please do something now so this opportunity doesn’t slip away from us.